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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the ceiling is kind of collapsed on top of a portion of the tra train. >> lights went out and just didn't stop and people were falling over who were standing and the roof came down. >> twisted metal broken glass, people trapped and bleeding new jersey transit train crash sparking chaos and panic in hoboken this morning. >> 34-year-old woman from hoboken died. authorities say she was, 108 people are injured. the engineer was treated and released at a hospital and is cooperating with investigators and as the station slowly returns to full operations investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. of course we've got team coverage tonight. dawn timmeney has been talking to local commuters in trenton and hamilton. let's begin tonight with brad sattin who is in hoboken with more information. brad? >> reporter: iain loft this new information is coming as a result of a national transportation safety board just wrapping up a news conference a
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few moments ago. more on that in a moment. we can tell you the station behind me, this is a major hub for nj transit. a lot of trains come here, then people connect to go across the river into new york city. this crash happened during rush hour. now the tracks stop here but for some reason just after 8:30 this morning the train did not. prior to arriving in hoboken this surveillance video of the nj transit train doesn't appear to show anything unusual. but once at the station which is at the end of the line, witnesses say the train never seemed to slow down before it barreled through the bumper stop jumped the tracks and crashed into the building during a busy morning rush hour. >> all i can say the train made a big bomb noise we all thought it was bomb. sounded like a bomb. when i ran out and look to the right, i just saw people on the ground. >> i was actually at the opposite end of the terminal when i heard the noise. when i exited the office, folks were running away from the train screaming and things like that. >> we have multiple injuries.
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multiple critical injuries right now. terminal is shut down. >> reporter: one person on the platform was killed by falling debris and 108 other people on both the train and the platform were injured. >> fire department actually was part of extricating two of the victims using their specialized equipment and getting them out and so, you know, we appreciate the work of everyone. >> it took out number of the supporting structures for that ceiling. the ceiling in that area collapsed and it came to a stop at the wall that leads into the terminal. >> reporter: the train originated 35 miles to the north in new york state but governors of new york and new jersey vowed to work together to look for a cause. the engineers is in the hospital in critical condition but is said to be cooperating. >> we have no indication that this anything other than a tragic accident. >> there's no roll point as to speculating what happened? why did the train come in so fast? was there medical condition? what happened with the conductor? et cetera? we have no idea. >> now again as we mentioned the
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ntsb just wrapped up a news conference a few moments ago. they say they expect to be on the scene for seven to 10 days. as we mentioned the engineer said to be in critical condition and initial system now out of the hospital cooperating. they will the national transportation safety board be talking to him. investigators will also be getting the recorder from the locomotive all of these things hope will lead them to a cause of this crash early this morni morning. lucy. >> thank you very much, brad. brad talked about it ntsb wrapped a news conference. investigators arrived this afternoon but they cannot fully definitely into the investigation just yet. the ntsb chairperson says when the train crashed it left structural damage to the station. asbestos may be a problem right now. so until they can remediate all of that, investigators cannot go in and really look at the entire scene, and then there is the big question tonight which is about positive train control. >> as you know, the ntsb has
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been recommending positive train control or ptc for 40 years. so we will look at that. we will look at whether there's positive train control installed and all of the aspects related to that before we come to any conclusions. >> the ntsb suggested that positive train control may have prevented deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia, of course, last year. eight people died in that crash. the train involved today's accident did not have the technology needed to be installed on all u.s. railroads by the end of 218. now several people head out of philadelphia 30th street station to hop right on to actually more than several a lot of people hop on to the new jersey transit trains. >> today's deadly accident has commuters deadly to home worried as you can imagine. dawn timmeney joins us from the hamilton train station. how are trains running up there in mercer county? >> reporter: well, trains are running just fine, iain and lucy. busy here as usual. business as usual as a matter of
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fact. still the hoboken tragedy has some travelers a bit nervous. >> i was little apprehensive after i seen it on the news about gettin getting on the tra. >> dennis dubois like many riding new jersey transit trains feeling anxious after an njt train slammed into the hoboken station this morning film wonder wagon caused it, you know. always questioning that, you know. >> authorities are still early in the investigation, but say the train was traveling too fast and don't suspect terrorism. that was anita, fear when she first heard of the daily crash on the crowded train during rush hour it. >> always makes you, um, nervous and anxious and i would say probably most people in this area that commute to new york have been in a well-main taped state of anxiety since 9/11. i don't think it ever really goes away. >> reporter: michael was traveling from new york city back to new jersey with his family this afternoon. hoboken tragedy was definitely on his mine. >> we were traveling with our
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son and we were a little nervous about how it was going to work out. >> he says fortunately it was a smooth and safe ride home. and says this will not deter him from traveling by train. >> i hope that we find out that there's some things that can be fixed month prevent something like this from happening again. obviously it's a terrible tragedy, but taking the train is a necessity. >> many of the injured were traveling in the front train cars which had hector considering where he would sit today. >> crazy i was thinking about it this morning. i usually sit on the quiet train the first train. but, um, eighths concern. still got to go to work and i still going to sit on the front train. >> reporter: really think the general consensus here is a lot of people need and use the trains to get where they're going and will continue to do so. still a loft heavy hearts especially for the woman who lost her life in hoboken this morning. iain? >> absolutely, dawn. thank you. in our area scene deadly crashes within the past two years. in may of 2158 people died and
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more than 200 were hurt when amtrak train 188 derailed in port richmond. the ntss said speed was factor and that the driver was distracted. in april of this year, two amtrak workers died when investigators say amtrak train 89 hit a piece of construction equipment on the tracks in chester delaware county. according to the federal railroad administration, pennsylvania has seen 30 train crashes in the first half of the year. new jersey has had 19. we of course will continue to follow this breaking story on air and online. you can get the latest updates on our website at you'll see the story on the home page. rough night could await us in fox 29 weather authority. rain, wind and flooding you'll say face at least one of those tonight depending where you live. you could be hit with all three. let's get straight to meteorologist kathy orr. okay, kathy you're a busy woman today. >> i'll tell you reports in southern delaware of some flooding that's already going on with some strong storms and torrential downpours. you can see sussex county,
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delaware, getting hit so hard. we had a lot of heavy rain there last night. along the delaware beaches very gusty winds and excessive 40 miles an hour. we're talking about tropical storm force gusts here and all this lifting toward the north and the west. philadelphia a few waves of heavy rain and i think it will stay on the light to moderate side this evening. you can see through kent and sussex county extending across the bay into cumberland county and cape may county picking up heavy amounts. flash flood watch in philadelphia and delaware county in effect for the state of delaware. this is until tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. and an additional one to 3-inch where is we see the heaviest rain in this particular area. rain so far over 4-incheinches n georgetown delaware closing in on five persist 10 winds continue with 40 miles an hour gusts in delaware. to night we will see additional rain as i mentioned. heaviest along the i-95 corridor the south and east and an additional one to 3-inches in the big concern, of course is street flooding never drive across road covered with water. we'll track the storms and i'll
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have the seven day coming up later in the broadcast. >> we'll talk to you very soon, kathy. philadelphia police arrest add man they say was behind the wheel of a truck that hit and killed a woman in holmesburg. 43-year-old christopher cook faces homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter charg charges. police say he was the man driving the truck that struck and killed 33-year-old theresa posey along state road in december of 2015. he never stopped his vehicle. investigators say anonymous tip led them to cook. happening now a woman is facing murder charges after a fire that killed two wilmington firefighters. 27-year-old beatrice ruiz is charged with arson and murder in the fire that killed senior firefighter jerry fickes and lieutenant christopher leach. the two men were inside a burning home along lake view road saturday when the floor collapsed. the firefighters fell into the basement and court documents revealed that ruiz told police that she was drunk and on some type of anxiety medication. she told investigators she lit
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the fire in the basement because she was mad about something. family and fire officials planned memorial for both firefighters this weekend but right now hundreds are gathered for a viewing for senior firefighter jerry fickes. fox 29's bruce gordon is live in hokessin tonight. bruce, first responders from all over our nation are paying their respects. >> reporter: yeah, we see this phenomenon whenever a first responder, police, firefighter, loses his or her life. this is after all a fraternity and when one grieves, they all grieve. talked to firefighter from boston, massachusetts, earlier this afternoon. the weather probably apropos for the mood here. gray and somber. firefighters, police, first responders from all over the area coming to pay their respects forgery fickes. this is grace lutheran is his church. leaves behind a wife and two kids. fickes was a 13 year veteran of the fire department wilmington and was volunteer prior to that. among the mourners today wilmington's former fire chief
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clifton arm instead. >> it breaks your heart to see something like this happen. it just -- it just -- you know, i -- you're always prepared for the worst. you never know when it's coming. it's a dangerous job. it happens. and you just have to deal with it. >> reporter: doesn't make it any easier. >> no it doesn't make it any easier. no, it doesn't. you don't know who it's going happen to. >> reporter: now, this viewing tonight wrap up about 8:00 o'clock there will be a second viewing tomorrow afternoon and then a private service here at grace lutheran. i have to tell you news of that arson and murder arrest this afternoon has certainly added a inch of anger to the sadness and mourning going on here. more on that um tonight at 10:00. lucy. >> we'll talk to you soon, bru bruce. dash cam video shows a car on roadway a mom and her baby are inside. something terrifying is happening. how an officer is about to risk his own live to save them.
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>> breaking news out of hoboken new jersey we've been top of of. we know the department test woman who died in the nj transit train crash at the hoboken terminal this morning. she was the only one who died in this wreck during the morning rush investigators say the train went off the end of the track and smashed through a concrete bumper impact collapsed part of the station roof. the national transportation safety board says its investigator which is not go in until the scene is safe. asbestos being a concern. back here at homework employees accused former head of the philadelphia parking authority of sexual harassment. >> he's out now. but tonight it's something else got a lot of people up in arms. the philadelphia inquirer is reporting that vince fenerty still stands to get his $155,000
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a year pension. ppa employees claim fenerty sexually harassed them and that the alleged incidents happened in the early 2,000s and then again in 2014. the chairman of the ppa says the complaints were not in fenerty's human resources file. check out dash cam video from police department in england. what you see here is a car with a woman and baby inside. the mom is unconscious at wheel in diabetic coma. and the car is out of control. amazingly the officer was able to drive his patrol car into the side of the woman's car pushing it into the roadside railing such quick thinking. and then the officer maneuvered in front of the car which forced it to stop. that heroism paid off everyone is okay. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. kathy has been tracking that rain we've got lot of that in our area tonight. >> yes, specifically, southern delaware. even central delaware really bearing the brunt of this
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particular storm over the past 24 hours. if you lived in the north and west of philadelphia, you will be seeing some light showers. got a tweet from someone in berks county hey where is the rain? well it's coming. you're not going to see lot of it but the focal point is definitely through delaware and this is going to be pulling slowly toward the north and the west. waves of heavier rain make their way through philadelphia and moving inland through south jersey. but we are seeing some signs of it weakening as it moves across the coastal plain in sussex county rehoboth beach, lewes, delaware, millsboro extenting down toward bethenny seeing heaviest rain. 5-inches in georgetown, delaware. that stiff win out of the east at 43 miles an hour. that is a gust in wilmington. that is a tropical storm force gust. so you have rain, you have wind and you have flooding. street flooding also in the dover area heading toward sussex county with a wind gust of 40 miles an hour and a lesser gust as you head toward the north and the west. coastal flood warning at times of high tide. high tide along the coast is
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seven to 9:00 p.m. so the main threat obviously is street flooding so never drive across a road that is covered with water. we're checking out hurricane matthew. it continues to move toward the west at 17. it is going to take a sharp turn toward the north with little bit of unusual turn here as strong category two storm heading toward cuba over the course of the weekend as we look at the spaghetti plots and we go into next week, we see many of the hurricane models bringing this right up the eastern seaboard. by next wednesday into thursday. so we will carefully be watching hurricane matthew over the next several days. overnight, 60 in the city. 56 in the suburbs. rain heavy at times especially along the i-95 corridor points to the south and east. 66 tomorrow occasional showers still windy but not quite as intense as we saw today. and on your exclusive fox 297 day forecast, still a threat of scattered showers on saturday. the temperature 72. we finally break out of this slowly on sunday.
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we will be seeing some sun by sunday afternoon. still a threat of some showers. but warmer temperatures. the high 75. monday 76. tuesday, wednesday and thursday highs in the 70s. lows around 60 with increasing sunshine. we'll continue to watch hurricane matthew to see if that storm could have an impact on the east coast. some of the computer models are saying yes. we'll talk more about that tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. we'll see you then. >> okay. you know what? eagles are stopping for the nfl currently. >> they are storming through and they're getting a few trophies. they'd like to get that one in early february the la bar dee trophy. they're getting the appetizers right now. another day and another award for eagle or two after a perfect month of september. mike tobin of the panthers pays his debt he pays it promptly and on time n a way you won't believe. it's next in sports.
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♪ the eagles are in their by week start october football next sunday out in detroit against the lions. eagles are busy picking up awards with every passing day. carson wentz was name nfc player of the week yesterday. today another award for carson wentz was name nfl rookie of the month for september. for three great weeks of football. how about three wins, five touchdown passes, most important number of them all, guys, no interceptions. on the other side of the ball
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fletcher cox was named nfc defensive player of the month for september. fletcher living up to $100 million deal he sign in the off season. in thee games 11 tackles, three sacks and oh, yeah, right here a forced fumble. coming sunday morning at 10:00 o'clock fox fine "game day live". no if the ball for the eagles this week but we're breaking down the first three games after fox nfl sunday double header. seattle and the jets and no dez bryant as the cowboys take on chip kelly and the 49ers. phillies play their final road game of the season tonight it is at 7:10 in atlanta against the braves. phillies are really limping home, guys giving up 63 runs, ouch, over their last six games. they'll be home tomorrow for weekend series witness mets and phillies fans will have one final chance to thank this guy, ryan howard. during the three games on sunday the phillies will honor ryan howard during a ceremony at 2:30. if you can't make saturday' game with the mets the moved up to 1:00 o'clock at citizens bank park. you can see it right here on fox
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29. i love this story. carolina fullback mike tolbart is one stuff guy. bruising fullback for the panthers. please don't do him wrong. a business in charlotte decided to and they paid the price. or actuall actually mike tolbard them the hard way. he and an auto body got into a fight over work done to his car. the two duked it out on social media. in the end mike decided to pay. he did. but the auto body shop in the end wouldn't take a check. oh mike paid the price, $3,943 and 93 cents in coins. >> pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters everything. i didn't even care. i didn't care one bit. i took a truckload and i got my car back. >> what did they say? >> they was upset. sit there and count basically four grand in coins. you'd be mad, too. >> why they mad? they got their
6:26 pm
money. >> exactly. >> don't tip properly. $3,043.93. >> the guy was saying on social media he didn't pay his bill. did he pay the bill. >> they didn't like the pay he paid it. >> be sure to join us for more fox 29 news tonight. ntsb on the scene of that deadly train crash in new jersey. how is the city hoboken dealing witness impact of this crash? tonight at 10:00. >> we've got some big weather. >> we do. >> big worries. >> rain and wind and that's going to continue into the evening. main impact obviously south jersey and delaware where we have the had he yesterday rain f you're going to beyonce' rain, whipped and cool. bring the poncho. >> at least. fleece, too. i think. i'm just saying. that does it for us here at 6:00. not terribly sexy. fleece an poncho. >> no. >> got to do what you got to do. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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>> train heading to catastrophe. how to get out alive if you're in a train crash. >> you're going to follow this path. >> then, first miss universe. >> she gained a little weight. >> i don't theist. >> just revealed, did donald trump fat shame kim kardashian when she was pregnant. >> she got a little large. >> look who is playing trump, alec baldwin. and she is back. either i'm a psycho path or i am you. >> amanda knox, the shocking new interview. then sister versus sister. >> their mom in prison for an unspeakable crime. >> she tried to cook her daughter in an oven. should she be freed? it's tearing the family apart. >> i think she is crazy.


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